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Septic Perc®   

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After many years of selling another similar product on the Internet,  In 2012 West Wind Marketing, Inc. developed our own product Septic Perc®. This proprietary, Eco-friendly formula is based on soil science that has been proven since the 1950s.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (All drain field applications are based on a typical septic system with about 200 linear feet of absorption bed.)

Drain field leach field and pit maintenance: Use 1 gallon every 6 months apply through a toilet, or convenient drain.

For sluggish  drain fields: 3 Gallons: 1 gallon per week for 3 weeks applied through a toilet, sink or drain. Flush thoroughly to aid distribution through the tank and into the drain field.

Failing or sluggish cesspools and seepage pits: 6 Gallons: 3 gallons for first application then 1 gallon per week for 3 weeks applied through a toilet, sink drain or opening in the pit.

4 gallons and one foil bag
Combo Shock Treatment


Our Combo Shock treatment contains 4 gallons of Septic Perc® and one 8 ounce bag of Mega Bio.


Restoring Failed Drain Fields: Failed drain fields may be restored by applying Septic Perc® and Mega Bio as a combination SHOCK treatment.   Apply 4 gallons of Septic Perc directly to the drain field soil through a distribution box, clean out, or el leading directly to the drain field, bypassing the septic tank. Flush it into the field with clear water from a garden hose.   Mix one 8 ounce bag of Mega Bio with 4-5 gallons of warm water and apply it in the same manner as the Septic Perc. Using a garden hose, apply enough freshwater to push the products deep into the field, usually 20 – 50 gallons.  

Have the tank pumped the day you intend to apply the Combo SHOCK treatment.

Standing water should be pumped from the drain field if possible to relieve back pressure. You don’t want the chemicals meant to treat the drain field to wash back into the septic tank. You may have to dig below the surface of the soil to find your distribution box. If you do not have, or cannot find, a distribution box, clean out, or el leading directly to the drain field, the products may be applied through the outlet of the septic tank using a funnel with a length of old garden hose attached.

Place the end of the hose in the septic tank outlet and pour all 4 gallons through the funnel. Then mix the Mega Bio and apply it right after the Septic Perc. Follow the application with enough clear water (up to 50 gallons) to flush the product deeper into the field.  

WARNING: Septic tanks can be hazardous. Noxious gases collect in the top of the tank, and tank contents pose a health hazard. We recommend hiring a licensed professional septic service technician if an application must be done through the tank outlet.  

PLEASE NOTE: Some septic tanks have a “T” outlet, or baffle installed on the outlet to reduce the solids flowing to the drain field. These types of systems may prevent accessing the outlet in this way. If it is not possible to access the tank outlet or use any other method of direct drain field application the product may be applied through a toilet or drain.

Although not AS effective as a shock treatment applied directly to the soil, application in this manner will help restore drain field soil.

Septic Perc is shown to be effective in solutions as dilute as 1 part per 1,000.  

It is the end user’s responsibility to conform to all local rules and regulations pertaining to the use of this product.
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