The Septic Perc formula has been laboratory tested, field-tested, and user-tested and found to work statistically better than older, similar products, which have been successfully used since the 1950s.
Mega-Bio is a powerful industrial-grade, high-end product produced by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Because of the wide range of factors that can contribute to septic system failure, we do not guarantee our products will work for your situation. Based on our ongoing customer survey we think we are better than 90% successful in restoring failed drain fields using our Combo treatment.
There are products that offer money-back guarantees if the customer is not satisfied. The truth is that offering this kind of guarantee forces a marketer to raise the sale price of his products in order to cover the inevitable claims for refunds. This means that the purchase price is not based on providing the highest quality product, but the cost of the product plus the guarantee. It follows then if more refunds must be made more of the sale price is dedicated to the guarantee than the quality of the product. Some products advertise "never pump your tank again". This claim is the leading cause of customer complaints about septic tank additives made to various consumer agencies including the BBB. It is advisable to check the Better Business Bureau record of any company offering a money-back guarantee on their products, or making misleading or too good to be true-sounding claims about their products before doing business with them.
Orders are usually processed the next day but may take up to 72 hours. Please allow 7 – 10 days from date of order for delivery
Results vary, it may take up to 2 weeks for the full effect of an application of Septic Perc and/or Mega-Bio to take place. If you have not seen results in this amount of time either you did not apply a sufficient amount of the product, or your soil condition is beyond the scope of what the products can remedy.
Septic Perc works through a chemical reaction in the soil. It helps to reverse the bonded soil condition known as hardpan. The second important ingredient is a surfactant that helps the liquid Septic Perc penetrate the waterproof barrier that forms around the drain field enabling it to reach the problem areas in the soil.
Yes, but It will take longer to reach your drain field because it will react with the contents of the septic tank before moving out to the drain field.
Yes, add Septic Perc and/or Mega Bio to the pump tank. Add enough fresh water to cause the pump to cycle. This will deliver a large amount of product to the field as a shock treatment. Add enough fresh water to the pump tank to cause it to cycle a second time. This will drive the product deeper into the field as well as clear the chemical residue from the pump mechanism. Septic Perc is corrosive to brass and copper.
During periods of very wet weather, the soil may become saturated. Septic Perc cannot make the soil absorb more water under these circumstances. If you live in an area with a high water table, you may have problems that are beyond the scope of soil failure.
Septic Perc is a blend of chemicals designed to penetrate and open the pores of septic drain field soil. Unlike calcium polysulfide products such as Septic Drainer, Septic Flow and Septic Seep, which have a caustic pH and a nasty odor, Septic Perc is pleasant smelling, it has a neutral pH. It is safer to use and more eco-friendly than any of these other products.