Drain Field Failure

What Causes Septic System Failure?

Bomb going off
Drain Field Failure
90% of septic system problems start in the drain field.

Puddles in the backyard?
Water backing up into household drains?
Septic odor in the backyard?
Pumper told you to replace your drain field?

These are signs of a failing drain field or leach field and potentially a huge headache and a big hit in your wallet.  

Puddles in the backyard A puddle in the backyard is not a good sign. When soil turns to hard pan it stops absorbing water. This hardening of the soil (hard pan) begins where the effluent first enters the field. As the soil fails the effluent moves down the run to the next area where it can be absorbed. As the field continues to fail the effluent finally reaches the end of the field and, having nowhere else to go, it surfaces.

Water backing up Water backing up in household drains or slow draining drains may be a sign of drain field failure. When the system is functioning properly, wastewater from the household enters the septic tank displacing some of the contents of the tank, which is then pushed to the drain field. If the field is not accepting water everything backs up and your household drains become sluggish or clogged.

Septic odor in the backyard A septic odor in the backyard can signal a potential problem in the drain field. Effluent collecting in the soil instead of draining may begin to smell. This is an early warning sign to have a septic maintenance company inspect your system.

A service technician told you your drain field is failing If your drain field is failing there are alternatives to replacing it.

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