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Monday, August 23, 2021

Drain field planting

Be careful about what you plant over and around your septic drain field or leach field.

Appropriate landscaping can help the septic system drain field function at its best by removing excess moisture and nutrients from the soil. Plants help provide oxygen to the soil and contribute to evaporation necessary in the drain field. Plant cover also reduces soil erosion.

It is best to select shallow-rooted plants that will not interfere with drain field lines which could be only 6” below the surface of the soil. Drought-tolerant plants are best because they will not require additional irrigation and the soil will not be overloaded with water.

Dwarf trees are a good choice for planting near the field. Generally the expected height of the mature tree is the distance it should be planted from the field. So, if your tree is going to be 20 feet tall, plant it at least 20 feet from the field.

Definitely stay away from Willows, Cottonwoods and other species that are really attracted to water. Pampas grass and bamboo are also poor choices.

It's best to ask your local nurseryperson for recommendations.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Today I am kicking off my new website design. I will be making entries to this spot as often as I can. Check back for useful info and comments related to septic systems and other household subjects.