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Septic tanks can be made of fiberglass or concrete, they may contain one or two chambers. Scum is the material, which floats on the top of the water in the tank where aerobic (air breathing) bacteria digest it. Sludge is undigested solid matter, which settles to the bottom of the tank. Here anaerobic (without air) bacteria digest some of the matter, the undigested part must be removed periodically by a licensed septic system pumping service every 2 - 5 years depending on use.

A septic tank that is not pumped on a regular basis can send undigested solids and organic matter to the drain field. This material will eventually clog the soil in the drain field and cause flooding and total failure of the system. When soil floods natural bacteria colonies will die off and no longer keep the system in balance. To restore beneficial bacteria and help keep the drainfield working properly try our industrial-grade bacteria treatment Mega Bio.

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