Does This Sound Familiar?

Here’s a recent email from a potential customer. I thought that my answer might help others who are experiencing similar drain field problems.

Good evening I have a issue with my septic, and I do not know if it’s my drainfield or just the septic which may have roots but not sure I have had it drained and it never lasts a year or more between drains, after we drain it it’s ok but now when I flush my toilet it gurgles in the bath tub   and I also have a bad diverter which makes my shower and tub faucet go on at the same time I can’t afford a new drain field and draining it so much cost money too and I was looking to see if any company’s do fix or replace drain fields if that’s what it is  but finance it cause they are exspensive plus the drain field is always dry so could you give me some answers on what to do it’s getting very frustrating.

Here’s my reply:

Before you spend money on a solution, you have to know the problem. I see a couple of possibilities from your email. Roots can destroy a drain field. Most modern septic maintenance companies should have methods of determining if the drainage pipes are clogged with roots. The company I work with has a remote camera that can look inside of drainage pipes. If it is roots, there are various methods that can be used to remove them, from chemicals available to homeowners at Home Depot or similar, to mechanical means like Roto Rooter. If it is a broken or disconnected pipe, the inspection will reveal that also. You also mention a broken diverter valve on your bathtub. That shouldn’t effect the other plumbing, but if there are any leaking faucets or toilets, the additional constant stream of water entering the drain field can cause hydrostatic overload, again a ruined drain field.

So, what to do? I would further investigate the cause of the problem. If it turns out that roots or overload are not the problem, I would try a “Shock” treatment of Septic Perc or Septic Seep and Mega Bio. Our success rate at restoring failing fields is around 85%. It’s not a silver bullet that will cure all problems, but it is usually worth the gamble before spending thousands to replace the field. Although I have had many homeowners who chose to do their own application, I recommend hiring a professional septic maintenance technician to do it. Also, the tank should be empty before the application is made.

I hope this info will help.