The Difference Between My Two Products

This morning I received this e-mail:
What’s the difference between Septic Seep and Septic Perc? Are they from the same company?
Here’s my reply:
Thanks for your order and your inquiry about the differences between the two products. Drayner’s Septic Seep is the original product invented in 1953 at Chevron Ortho. It is a calcium polysulfide chemical formula containing a surfactant to allow penetration of the bio-mat and entry into the surrounding soil. It is also highly alkaline with a pH around 11.5 and it has the odor of sulfur, which smells like rotten eggs. I have been selling Septic Seep since 1999. Since then several companies have knocked off the product with inferior copies and even plagiarized information directly from my web site.
About a year ago the person responsible for manufacturing Septic Seep offered me, West Wind Marketing,  a new product: Septic Perc. This product is a result of years of research, trials and field tests. It works equally as well as Septic Seep, but it lacks the high pH and the nasty odor. It is safer for the environment and for the user. Additionally, when used with our Mega Bio product, there is no required waiting period between the application of the two products as there is with Septic Seep.
I have thousands of Septic Seep customers from my years in business and I will continue to sell Septic Seep to accommodate those who are reluctant to make the switch. I strongly encourage my customers to try the new product for all the aforementioned reasons. Because is a branded web site I cannot offer both products on the same site. Please have a look at and for more info.