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I Hope You Had A Good Holiday

Holidays are a time to get together with family and friends. We had eight guests for dinner on Christmas. It’s funny how much time we spend thinking about food and preparing it and serving it and eating it and… Oh yeah, what happens to all that food when we’re done with it?

Do you have guests staying in your home? Extra showers, dish washing and laundry can really put a strain on septic system soil to absorb and process all that extra wastewater.

An overloaded septic system can cause all sorts of problems just when you expect it the least. Backed up plumbing can ruin a holiday celebration. What’s worse, when the guests finally leave, you’re left with the problem.

The solution is maintenance and a little forethought. Have your septic tank pumped every few years and don’t put food and grease down the drain. If you have a problem, call a professional service company. They can identify the cause and usually recommend a fix. If the problem is severe enough, they may recommend a complete drain field replacement. OUCH!

I know this may sound like a commercial but PLEASE… before you start digging up your back yard try my product Septic Perc. It could save you thousands of dollars. I have been selling septic system chemicals for 14 years and I have heard reports of what sounds like miraculous recoveries of “failed, gotta be replaced” drain fields. I’m jus’ saying.


I hope to make this an interesting and useful site

I have been studying septic systems and their components for a number of years now. I have authored three websites that are informative sources of information about septic systems and how they work. Full disclosure:  On two of those websites, I sell products designed to rejuvenate septic system soil.

The number of things that can go wrong in a septic system may surprise you. Fact is, most people don’t think about the septic system in their home until there is a problem. The best way to avoid problems is to follow a regular maintenance schedule to include having the tank pumped by a licensed septic service company every two to five years.

Another important rule: never put cooking grease or oil down the kitchen sink drain. F.O.G. (food, oil, grease) in a septic system drain field will lead to failure of the soil and of the entire system.

If you treat your drain field properly, it should last for 30 – 40 years.