The Bio Mat

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The Bio mat

Effluent passes from the septic tank to the drain field soil where it is absorbed. Bacterial colonies develop and grow beneath the distribution lines where they meet the gravel. This biomat (biological mat) layer is a black tar-like substance that grows along the sides and bottom of the trench. The biomat is a necessary part of a healthy absorption system. These anaerobic (without oxygen) organisms digest organic matter in the septic effluent. The biomat restricts the flow of effluent through the drain field while it filters out dangerous pathogens and viruses.

Biomat formation should not be prevented or removed as it is a necessary part of a properly working system.

When a system is not properly maintained, or if it is overloaded the biomat may become overgrown and stop effluent from reaching the absorption soil. When this happens wastewater will begin to back up into the home or surface over the drain field creating puddles of smelly effluent. In this case, reduction of the biomat may be possible through the use of a bacteriological formula designed to digest and reduce the excess biomat.

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